The global pandemic in the form of COVID-19 has resulted in offices being shut and employees working remotely. But, workplaces are coming to life again and are allowed to open up with minimum employees. It does not mean that COVID-19 has vanished, because of course it has not, and it will be here in the near future as well. So what do employers do? Well, providing flexibility at work is the best way to ensure employees work effectively and are safe.

Here’s how you can provide flexibility to your employees:

  1. Work from home

If your employees can get their tasks done at the comfort of their home, there is no need to call them to office, and instead you can call someone who is actually needed. Working from home ensures that your employees are safe and allows flexibility at work.

  1. Flexible work hours

Instead of calling your employees to work daily, allot specific days for each employee so they have to get to work only a few days a week.

  1. Stay in touch

Always be in touch with your employees over calls or video conferencing to get information regarding the tasks at hand and other reports related to work.

  1. Recruit remotely

Rather than recruiting people to work at office, start recruiting them remotely and make use of Jobeloo cloud HR tools as this allows flexibility of work and also ensures that productivity is maintained when searching for the right candidates virtually.